Christmas Traditions and Beliefs.


Christmas Traditions and Beliefs.

The most traditional beliefs raised in Germany by the middle of 700´s.  The Perenne Trees, Pines and Spruces represented life, for that reason during the Christmas Eve were decorated by their inhabitants to incorporate one of these inside their homes to celebrate the endless Jesus Christ Life.  So at first, those Trees started to be known as The Christ Trees, and as Christmas Trees in the end.

Other traditions raised from Victorian Time, where the Trees were decorated with sweets and fruits, but children couldn´t eat any one after Christmas Eve Night, making them feel euphoric and expectant.

In other cities, people made the Paradise Tree.  It was a trunk with Christmas Figures full of leaves that symbolized the endless Life.  The candles decoration represented the Christ Life and the sweets, cakes and fruits represented the kindness of Christ in our lives, with a star that symbolized the Belen star.

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Martin Luther was the man who incorporated the Christmas Trees in our homes.  According to the legend “while he was walking in a Christmas Eve night, he was so surprised with the light stars in the sky that he wanted to show it to their kids, so he decided to arrive at his home with a Spruce Tree to decorate it.

In spite of different traditions and beliefs, The Christmas Tree, nowadays, is one of the oldest traditions that still alive through the time in the whole world.

Our company EUROTREE, developed a Christmas Tree Line to keep latent that tradition, helping the families union, to feel hope and prosperity, allowing us to make real that charm.